The concept of street art seems to be picking up in Erie.

A couple of big projects have been catching people's eyes lately, including a mural recently completed at Dobbins Landing by an artist from Germany.

The latest project is along W. 12 St. at the former Erie General Tire building by an artist named Zedz from Amsterdam.

"It's a huge project," said Zedz. "[It] takes a lot of energy out of me."

It's his first time painting in the United States.

"I hope it somehow fits back to a piece of music for the eyes," said Zedz.

"It makes people engage in their environment as they head from the industrial corridor into downtown," said Patrick Fisher, director of Erie Arts and Culture. "It's setting their perception of what they're seeing once they get into downtown."

Erie Arts and Culture is looking to expand the effort. The next project is the Methodist Towers at 8th and Sassafras. An artist from the Dominican Republic is coming in at the end of September to look the building as the next canvas.

"People either say they love it, and they love it a lot, or they say they don't like it," said Fisher. "I want conversation and dialogue out of this."

All of the projects were completed with the help of Erie-area artists serving as interns.