Last week community members around the area of West 4th and Cascade St. in Erie met to discuss concerns they had about a local bar in their neighborhood, the Bayview Bar. In the meeting, residents complained about loud talking and music, people lingering in the street after the bar closes, and more.

Thomas Hoffman has lived in his West Erie home for more than 50 years. He says recently there was a shooting outside the bar that left bullet holes in his neighbor's home. He leads the neighborhood watch that brought the concerns forward to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and police.
Hoffman says the owner of Bayview Bar has agreed to work with the community on finding a solution to the problems, for example closing the bar early.

"We've only had one night of the closings, so I can't make a judgment, but I can just tell you about the cooperation we do get from the owner which is important to us," Hoffman said.

Despite the challenges with Bayview Bar in the past, Hoffman says it's nowhere near what neighbors endured dealing with 901 Bar and Grill right up the street. That bar closed last year. He hopes this quiet weekend around the bar will be a sign of things in the future.