The Erie Humane Society is reporting that there is a very sick puppy with Parvovirus, and they're appealing for financial support to care for her through Monday.

A dog named Luna tested positive for Parvovirus, which can be deadly, especially for puppies.

To avoid the risk of exposure to their other animals, The Erie Humane Society indicates on its Facebook page, that Luna was taken to the Pet Emergency Center for urgent care.

The local Humane Society is raising funds to cover the costs of her care while there.

Just last week, Erie News Now Lianna Schwerer reported on an uptick in canine Parvovirus, and how it affects a dog's intestines--causing severe diarrhea, vomiting and extreme weight loss.

For Luna, at last word, they needed to raise $1,000 to offset a $2,300 bill.

If interested, you can donate through a button on the Erie Humane Society Facebook page at the link here.  The Pet Emergency Center is not permitted to take direct payments.