This video is one you really have to see to believe, Erie News Now is talking to an Erie man, who recently caught his own neighbor stealing packages from his home and to make matters worse, it happened to be his young daughter's birthday presents.

While this video seems to be like any other day, the Baker family was returning home from vacation and had an amazon package delivered for their daughters 8th birthday. 

This all happened in the lower east side near Parade and Wallace last week. 

The family received a deliver notice on the package but were concerned when it wasn't on their porch, that's when they decided to check out their security footage and it turns out their neighbor took the package.

"Like I said just the intent behind it to me was just funny," says Michael Baker, Erie man who caught neighbor stealing package. "The fact that she tried to sneak past my cameras when they are clearly there, she watched me install them, it was almost like did you not think I was going to catch you, it's almost just a lack of care."

When police went to her house she denied everything. 

Police charged the neighbor with theft but the Baker family believes she deserves more. They plan to file charges.

The family eventually got the present back from the neighbors son but not in time for her birthday. 

"At the end of the day she's still heartbroken, this is something she still has to deal with, again it's not a neighbor that my children don't know and we haven't had problems with so it's now like she's just taking stuff off our property," says Baker. "It's a level of not feeling safe, not feeling secure even with someone who is less than 12 feet away from your house."