Jericho absolutely loves firetrucks, and watches videos of them racing to put out fires all day long.   

Jericho also lives with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a rare and sometimes fatal condition.    Exposing him to viruses and germs could be deadly, due to his compromised immune system, so he's never been to a community parade to see them in person.  Monday night, the parade came to him, as a special 3rd birthday treat.

His night nurse, Cara, is well aware of his obsession with firetrucks.   She is a firefighter and EMT for Fairfield Hose Fire Company.  She decided to ask if they would consider driving by Jericho's house, on his birthday.  Then she decided to share her idea on Facebook....and everybody wanted to be involved.   

Monday night, about 6:30, on Clinton Street in North East,  two helicopters, state police, and 15 different fire companies from the region lined up, and paraded by Jericho's house, much to the delight of mom, Nikki Woodworth, dad, Joshua Chadsey, and big brothers Landen and Jack.

Jericho and his family were thrilled with this special treat....the lights, the sirens, and the number of fire fighters who jumped out of the truck to give Jericho birthday gifts, like books, firetruck videos, t-shirts and hats.

Thanks to the love of a dedicated nurse, and the compassion of our area fire departments and first responders, this is sure to be a birthday to remember for the entire family.