One study followed more than 3,600 children over two flu seasons. The results showed the vaccine reduced the risk of hospitalization by nearly half. 

Another study tracked over 4,300 adults who were hospitalized with the flu. They were 36 percent less likely to experience complications, such as pneumonia, if they had the flu shot. 

The C-D-C recommends, everyone six months and older get the flu shot by the end of this month. 

Flu symptoms usually include:




*Sore Throat

* Runny Nose

The symptoms that come with the flu, can keep you bedridden for a week or more.

The flu virus changes and adapts every year, which is why it's so widespread and difficult to avoid. New vaccines are created and released every year to keep up with these rapid changes. 

Before each new flu season, federal health experts predict which three strains of the flu are most likely to thrive. They use that information to manufacture the appropriate vaccines.