Erie News Now spoke to an Erie man who caught his neighbor stealing packages off his porch and will holiday season nearby, how can you protect yourself and your purchase?

Many businesses have cameras all over their building but at home security keeps growing and that's ultimately how they helped find out their neighbor stole their package off their porch.

"It's unfortunate but it's society now a days and people are out for a quick dollar or anything they can so just protect your stuff make sure your cars are locked, houses are locked up, and don't leave anything valuable in plain sight, " says Kyle Kaulis, owner of Real Audio. "And hope for the best."

Real Audio tells Erie News Now home surveillance video is being more common, 4 years ago they would maybe get a call once a year but now they get multiple calls a week asking for estimates on home security.

"That sense of security," says Kaulis. "You know people have a lot of nice things, they want to protect them, and they want to protect their family, and everything else so yes it's very important to have."

A quick search on amazon for at home security cameras and their is a price range for everyone, some even starting at just $40. But those of course require you to install them yourself. 

If you're wanting help from a professional it could cost you anywhere from around $1,500 up to $8,000, depending on the amount of security you want. 

Real Audio tells Erie News Now while surveillance video cost a lot of money to install, your stuff is also valuable, if something happens you'll be happy you have the footage.

"It's always a lot of money until you need it," says Kaulis. "We had a customer have their house broken into and thousands of dollars of equipment was stolen, so in that case a couple thousand dollars for a kick but security system, DVR, and everything would be worth the while, you know in the long run it will save."