Each year, Erie News Now reports multiple holiday decoration thefts that typically end with the decoration owners never seeing their belongings again.

That's what happened to one couple a few years ago, and since then they started taking steps to anchor down their ghosts and ghouls each Halloween.

Christine and Thomas Fetcho started taping their extension cords together. That way, thieves can't just unplug their blow-up ghosts and walk away.

"He really tapes them together and makes it a little bit harder to work through and hopefully they just get tired and give up and go away." Christine Fetcho said.

The couple also runs the taped extension cord inside their home through a window so thieves can't unplug and steal the decorations despite being attached to each other. She said, "I would recommend to anyone that does have outside plugs to maybe think about that. If that's an option for them, to run it inside their home because they can't just unplug it and take it then."

An important note to add is to make sure the window is locked with a piece of wood or other mechanism to prevent thieves from pushing it open and entering the home.

To secure decorations further, wire or small chains can be used to lock holiday décor down. More tips on using wire or chains can be found here.