Erie is the subject of a New York Times (NYT) article ‘I Gave the Other Guy a Shot’ which calls Erie a swing county in the 2020 election.

Erie County, which traditionally has voted Democratic, went red and help elect President Donald Trump in 2016.

The article spoke to a real estate appraiser in Erie who vote for Barack Obama but years later voted for Trump. In the interview, he was not willing to commit to voting Democratic in the next election, despite his displeasure with the president's conduct.

It also said there are many conflicted voters in Erie County.

Many people in Erie who voted for Trump in 2016 told the New York Times they either supported the president or the Democratic candidates did not appeal to them. The interviews were done before the impeachment inquiry was announced.

Joe Morris, a political scientist at Mercyhurst University, was also interviewed in the article, as well as the third-generation owner of Miller Bros. and State Rep. Ryan Bizzarro.