The public today learning more about a plan to set up paid family leave in Pennsylvania.

The legislation sponsored by area State Senator Dan Laughlin.

About two dozen people attending the meeting at the Pennsylvania Soldiers and Sailors Home.

Although there is a federal family leave, it is unpaid.

Laughlin's bill provides funding by creating an insurance program paid for with a small payroll deduction.

Supporters say it could help a wide range of people including caregivers and new parents.

New mom Marybeth Kmecik said, "If i would have had something like this it would have really benefited me so I would not have felt so stressed out while I was trying to have those crucial bonding moments with my child."

Senator Laughlin said, "Most of us have aging parents who might need help. This would allow time to take care of them if it is a short term emergency."

Laughlin's bill was introduced in June.

It will have to be debated in both the state house and senate.