For decades, the State Street McDonald’s offered food to people in downtown Erie. In less than a week, the lights will be off, the doors will be locked and the employees will have new jobs at other Erie McDonald’s.

 Now, the building’s future is up to the Erie Downtown Development Corporation.

Mayor Joe Schember says the corporation played a hand in the store's closing. He goes on to say, "This agreement is a necessary step to transform the block where McDonald’s is located."

Two separate studies of Erie point to the so-called McDonald’s block as an area that *needs* to be fixed.They both call for a mixed-use site with extra shopping, residential and parking space.

No official plans have been introduced, but people living in the area say they're excited to see what happens. 

“They would have to clean up the area quite a bit,” said Barry Cramer, who works in the area. “But I feel like it would put some value back into the city as well if they cleaned it up and turned it into a good business”

Others say they’re a little less optimistic.

“It's a start,” said Joe Deemer, a student at Gannon University. ‘But changing a couple buildings won't do a lot. It needs to happen at a larger level.”