With warmer temperatures this week it's hard to think of snow but in Northwest Pennsylvania it's never to early to prepare for Winter.

The first snowstorm always seems to creep up and you want to make sure that snowblower is working when you need it. 

If your snowblower has been sitting in the garage all Summer long, it's time to get it up and running for winter. 

Waiting until the first major snow storm to see if your snow blower is running could end up in some problems.

"Every time it snows, it's like most people don't want to think about it until it happens, it happens every year," says Larry Higgins, sales manager at Miller Brothers. "The best one that sticks in my mind is two years ago on Christmas, nobody was ready for the snow we got and everyone got caught with their pants down."

The Miller Brothers tell Erie News Now that hopefully you took care of your snowblower after last winter by putting stabilizer in the gas but if not it's important to clear all gas from the snowblower. 

Many places that fix snowblowers already have a handful in for service. 

To make things easier a check list is great to see if all parts are working correctly, like the belts, disk drive, adjusting cables and speeds. It;s also important to make sure the gear box is greased up. 

If you find out now that something doesn't work on your snowblower there is enough time to get it fixed before winter. 

The Miller Brothers say the best advice they can give a customer is to get your snowblower up and running now. 

"Stay on top of the maintenance don't let it go, take care of it while it's a small issue," says Higgins. "Bring it in have it looked at we can give someone an estimate on what it will cost and then they can decide from there whether it's more cost effective to put some money into the old one or if they just want to update and get a brand new machine."