For the past few years, Dick's Sporting Goods has generated plenty of controversy for its tough stance on guns.

That is continuing with the company's latest move.

Dick's announced it recently destroyed $5 million worth of assault style rifles.

This comes after the company removed AR-15 rifles from its shelves, stopped selling high capacity magazines, and refused to sell guns to anyone under the age of 21.

Turning the rifles into scrap, getting plenty of support and opposition around the country and here in our area.

Sportsman John McDonough said, "I disagree with it. It is not the guns that kill people it is people. You could kill people with knives, they could get killed by anything, a baseball bat for God's sake."

Sportsman Karl Weixlmann said, "I think what Dick's has done is they have created an atmosphere of corporate courage in America that I don't think we have seen before."

Dicks's says its moves cost the company about $250 million in sales.

But this year, store sales have been on the increase.