It's a sickening crime.

A terminally ill cancer patient is beaten and robbed in her own home.

The suspect is her former caretaker.

Erie News Now sat down with the victim, to learn more about what happened and who police are looking for.

Donna Lilley has been battling cancer for years, “I've got cancer in both lungs, and it's in my throat right now and they can’t operate, if they do, I'll die,” said Lilley.

Lilley says cancer is going to claim her life, so she’s living day by day. But surviving another day is not all she's worried about right now.

She has spent just over a week terrified, but because the man who she says assaulted and robbed her, remains on the loose, “He could have killed me,” said Lilley.

On September 30th, Lilley says her former caretaker and daughter's boyfriend, Christopher Mosco, 38, barged into her home around 10:30 at night, “All of a sudden the door busted open and there's Chris and then he hit me, so I put my hand up, I was blocking him with this hand, if I didn’t block him would have hit me more… then he reached over and moved my pillow, then grabbed my purse.”

Lilley said her purse contained many of the prescription drugs she needs to cope with her pain, which was nearly 100 morphine pills and several Fentanyl patches.

But her purse held so much more, like family photos and heirlooms.

So right now, on top of her terminal cancer diagnosis, she's brokenhearted and scared, “He has everything in my life, everything in my life was in my purse… So he got what he wanted, he got my medicine, he got some of my money, he got my whole life, I'm afraid to leave,” Lilley said through tears.

Lilley says she has known Mosco for about a year, and he was her caretaker for just about six months.

Erie police have a warrant out for Mosco's arrest, the 38-year-old is charged with assault, robbery, burglary and theft.

If you know where he may be, you're asked to call Erie Police at 870-1229.