Erie News Now has uncovered some startling new information, following our interview with an Erie woman, a terminally ill cancer patient, who was beaten and robbed by her former caretaker.

We've learned he was an employee of a local non-profit, and also has an extensive criminal history.

Erie News Now did a quick court record search online, and found Christopher Mosco’s criminal history is extensive. How he was hired as a caretaker is unconscionable, so the victim is calling for changes.

Christopher Mosco, 38, is still wanted by Erie police on charges including robbery, assault and theft.

Erie Police say he attacked Donna Lilley inside her east 27th street home on September 30th, beating her and taking her purse which contained her pain medications; nearly 100 morphine pills and fentanyl patches, and cash.

Lilley has lung cancer which has spread to her throat, she says the cancer will claim her life.

Lilley tells Erie News Now that Mosco was her former caretaker for about 6 months, and he worked for Voices for Independence.

Lilley says she hired him at the request of her daughter, who is also Mosco’s girlfriend.

Erie Police confirm Mosco worked at the non-profit, and was told the company suspended him after they learned of the charges and allegations against him.

Lilley is now using her case to urge places like Voices for Independence to better screen its employees, who are working with terminally ill patients, to do things like much stronger background checks, “I think this place needs to have drug screening tests like every six months because they (caretakers) are dealing with people who are on drugs big time,” said Lilley. “They can come in our house and steal from us, they know when we're home and not home, they can just break in and take anything we have,” Lilley continued.

Erie News Now made multiple calls to Voices for Independence for comment about the case, to get their thoughts on the incident and how they do background checks. We even went to the company's Millcreek office, but they ignored our requests for comment.