Monday night, Erie News Now joined Jericho Chadsey and his family, at their home in North East, for a firetruck parade to celebrate his 3rd birthday.

This week, Jericho underwent another round of treatment to help him manage his debilitating disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, or SMA.  It's a genetic disease affecting the central nervous system, and voluntary muscle movement.

The treatment is a medication called Spinraza, which slows the progression of his muscle deterioration.   It's designed to help his muscles stay strong to support breathing and other vital functions.

We checked in Thursday night, with Jericho's pediatric nurse, Cara, who tells us that he's doing really well.    She says with each treatment, they've noticed improvement in his strength.

Jericho's parents and two big brothers have expressed their appreciation of the community's support.