CDC confirmed 1,299 cases have been reported in 49 states, including Washington, D.C.  and the U.S. Virgin Islands. That is an increase of 219 cases from last week. Alaska is the only state that has no reported cases.

Owner of 710 Vape Shop, Paul Pitonyak has worked in the e-cigarette industry for 5 years. Pitonyak believes that black market THC pens are the reasons behind the illnesses.

“What will happen is we live in a country where marijuana is illegal that creates a very large black market and therefore drug dealers will buy products like this and fill them with illicit substances,” said Paul Pitonyak.

Multiple states have placed a ban temporary or permanent on e-cigarettes. Pitonyak believes that this will only make the problem worse.

“Banning e-cigarettes isn't going to do anything there not getting people sick. The products that are getting people sick are literally already banned, and that's why they're getting people sick because there's no demand for them and there's no oversight,” said Paul Pitonyak.


 Paul Pitonyak did a live demonstration that showed the solubility of legally purchased nicotine e-cigarette liquid vs the black market THC oil.