Most of Pennsylvania's trees are approaching best color if you are looking to check out fall foliage, according to a report released Thursday by the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Bureau of Forestry.

The best foliage viewing this week is in northcentral and northeastern parts of the state, but color is strongly progressing in northwestern Pennsylvania.

The drop to seasonable and below-average temperatures has allowed caused the most significant change yet in fall forest colors. The most notable changes were seen throughout the Appalachians and the Allegheny Plateau.

Northern hardwood species like maple, birch, and cherries are displaying fantastic color this week in widespread areas.

Many areas are primed for peak fall color, which could only be a week or so away in significant parts of the state. Cool, dry conditions will improve the foliage color in most of the state.

In northwestern Pennsylvania, areas with more birch, cherry and maple are displaying the most color, but regions dominated by oak are still fairly green. Parts of Forest County along Routes 66 and 666, seem to be showing more fall color than the rest of the region. Sassafras, maple, hickory and birch are all displaying a full palette of colors.

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