A big loss for the city of Erie and city school district, as a judge has ruled two Erie Bayfront hotels will remain tax exempt.

The Bayfront Sheraton and Marriott hotels are owned by the Erie Convention Center Authority, a non-profit, so they are tax exempt.

But since November 2016, the city of Erie and school district have been arguing they should pay about $1.7 Million in property taxes.

So, they filed a motion back on April 18, 2019 to try to make that happen.

As Erie News Now has reported, it would have meant about $860,000 a year for the school district, $580,000 for the city of Erie, and $240,000 for Erie county from property taxes.

But on Friday, after about six months of reviewing arguments from both sides, Judge John Bozza decided the properties will remain tax exempt.

Erie News Now reached out to Erie Events CEO Casey Wells for comment, he would only say he is “pleased with the court's decision.”