Fall means the arrival of steelhead  on Erie County streams along Lake Erie.

The big fish bring crowds of fishermen to the area,

Studies say the economic impact to our area tops $10 million a year.

But this year, the season is starting  slowly.

The reason is a lack of rain needed to raise the levels of streams and bring the fish in from Lake Erie to move upstream.

Some fish are moving, but not many. And that means few fishermen.

But some die hards are on the creeks and they know crowds will grow when the rains arrive.

Fisherman Rick DeGironimo said, "Once the rain comes, it will bring in more fish, a lot more fish."

Many motels, bait shops, and restaurants which depend on steelhead fishermen say business has been much slower than usual in recent weeks.

Amanda Walters, Manager of the Steelhead Inn said, "This is the slowest start I have seen in the past three years I have been managing the Steelhead Inn."

Jeff Staaf at Poor Richard's Bait & Tackle said, "I would say it is down probably 50-75% right now. but once we get that rain it will make up real quick, the loss."