Love for the Pittsburgh Steelers created a long-time friendship between two men from Edinboro over 25 years ago.  That friendship led to the creation of a Steelers mural that became one of Edinboro's most famous landmarks.


That landmark is now being updated for a very important reason.     The original Steelers mural was finished in the year 2000.  As it started to fade over the years, so did the health of the owner of the building in which the mural was painted.  A new mural will lift his spirits.


Work is being done now on the brick building on Route 6N just outside of Edinboro.  Gone are the images of the Steeler greats that won 4 Super Bowl rings in the 1970s.  They are being replaced by Steelers who won Super Bowls in 2005 and 2008.

George Humes is the artist who finished the first mural in the year 2000 and who is now working on the new mural. The first mural came about through his friendship with Dana Volkman, who owns the building.  It used to be Volkman's auto repair shop.  Humes and Volkman met over 25 years ago and attended many Steeler games together.

It was Volkman who encouraged Humes to start the first Steeler mural.  As that mural became old and weather worn, Volkman's health also deteriorated. He left his auto repair business and leased it out to other mechanics.  It caught fire 4 years ago leaving Volkman without any rental income.

So now, Humes is painting the new Steelers mural to lift his friend’s spirits.
He also started a GoFundMe page to help Volkman fix the building so it can be leased out again.


He’s calling out all Steeler fans to help him help his friend.


“We do need a lot of money so we can get the building up and get it rented out to a business so he can sustain an income for his wife and family. We are reaching out to all Steeler fans,” said Humes.


Those interested in donating can go to this link: