This week will truly feel like Fall! Temperatures will remain in the 50's throughout much of the week, with only one day expected to reach the 60's.

On Monday, a cold front will pass through Northwest PA, which will cause some lake effect rain showers to emerge along Interstate 90. Most of Monday will be wet and dreary, and temperatures will only top out around 54 degrees in Erie. Thankfully, temperatures aren't quite cold enough to produce snow! If Monday's atmospheric setup was the exact same in about a month with much colder air, the result would be lake effect snow instead of rain.


On Tuesday, temperatures will rebound into the 60's as we will see more sunshine across the region.  On Wednesday, another cold front will swing through, dropping our temperatures back into the 50's with more rain showers. The front will clear out of Northwest PA on Thursday, but winds will be in the right position for more lake effect rain throughout portions of Thursday. On Friday, the weather pattern will start to shift again, as temperatures will warm into the upper 50's with more sunshine.



Meteorologist Joe Curtis