Archery Encounters has been providing archery instruction to people of all ages since 2016.

Owner Tim Case gives lessons at an indoor range in the PACA building on State Street.

Tim's teaching philosophy is simple, give easy to understand instructions and encouragement so students can improve.

He said, "I can tell them what they are doing right and I can tell them why."

Tim's goal is to make sure everyone has fun.

Students don't have to buy equipment.

They just have to be willing and eager to learn.

He said, "Here you don't have to go get a bow to start., here we can teach you the process. We can discuss what is best for you, based on your goals and the way you learn."

Lenna Thompson  has had several lessons. She said Tim's knowledge and focus on the basics is helping her get better.

She said, "He has really helped me focus on all the basics, all the movements and exactly how you stand."