There will be a few ups and downs in the temperature trend throughout the week! The week will begin very mild and end on a much chillier note.

Temperatures on Monday will rise into the 70's ahead of an advancing cold front. Temperatures are always fairly higher before a cold front moves in. As the cold front moves in on Tuesday morning, it will bring rain showers and breezy conditions along with it. Tuesday is expected to be a pretty rainy day. Things will dry out on Wednesday with more sunshine, but it will be colder and breezier than Monday and Tuesday. Daytime temperatures will be in the 50's once again on Wednesday. Temperatures will briefly warm into the low 60's on Thursday, then cooler air and more rain showers push in on Friday.


Keep the warm jackets handy throughout the week! Also, have the umbrella close by, because it will be needed for a few days as well.

Meteorologist Joe Curtis