In this Halloween season, we're taking a look at scary, spooky places in our area that attract everyone from ghost hunters to people who love learning about things that "go bump in the night."

Union Station has been a big part of Erie since 1927. So has the legend of Clara, a young girl who supposedly fell down a flight of stairs to her death.

The Brewerie now occupies much of the station embraces that legend.

Owner Chris Sirianni says people standing near the stairwell often feel strange sensations.

He said, "You get a tripping sensation on your shin, so as you are walking, you feel like a little kid sticking their foot out and tripping you."

Manager Caitlynn McCarthy says she has also had strange experiences.

She said, "The giggling sound I heard. I turned around expecting my colleague to be right behind me and there was no one there. I was the only one upstairs."

Perhaps even scarier than Union Station are the tunnels beneath the complex.

Sirianni said his wife had a scary experience while walking past an old tin full of crackers.

He said, "One of them just comes flying through the hallway here. It doesn't fall off. She sees it. She screams. And the other two down here were screaming."

A lot of people died at Union Station over the years, from travelers to the homeless. Many of the deaths documented, others like Clara just a legend. Or is it?

McCarthy said, "I can tell you first hand there is definitely a child like presence here."