In the final part of our Haunted Erie series, we're looking at Waterford's historic Judson House, where plenty of people have been reporting strange paranormal activities for decades.

The Judson House has been part of Waterford for more than 200 years.

It is built on the site of three former forts where many soldiers died and were buried.

Many people think their spirits are still around.

Heidi Longstreet of the Fort LeBoeuf Historical Society said, "I see things that can't be explained, and a lot of us in the historical society have had experiences that can't be explained."

A lot of paranormal investigators have also had strange experiences at the Judson House.

We spent one recent night with a team from the Eerie Voices Paranormal Society.

Paranormal Investigator Doug Malinowski said, "We are here to document some kind of activity and where you get that activity. That is the Holy Grail."

The EVPS team has been at Judson House about a dozen times, almost always detecting something spooky.

Paranormal Investigator Chad Cornell said, "We've had audible voices. We have caught voices in our recorders. We've had knocking communications with a spirit."

On this night, a special camera records some sort of energy coming from an empty chair and the team detects a temperature change around the outline of a human-like figure.

Paranormal Investigator Mike LIndhart said, "When you are able to put together physical evidence with technology evidence I think you could definitely say, there was something there."

The image looked spooky. but it was just another night on the job for the team.

Cornell said, "There is no reason to be scared of something you are trying to communicate with."

Heidi Longstreet isn't scared either. But that does not mean she feels the Judson House doesn't feel eerie.

She said, "There is something definitely here. Who I don't know. But something is here."