Erie police officials confirm that they are investigating reports of social media threats to three of Erie's Public Schools. We have learned one private school may be impacted as well.

Lt. Brady, the officer-in-charge, told Erie News Now that the police department began receiving reports Sunday evening of suggested threats made via Snapchat.  

Sources shared the information on our Erie News Now Facebook page as well, where someone appeared to solicit help to shoot up Strong Vincent Middle School and Erie High and made reference to homemade bombs and guns.

Another post reportedly mentions East Middle School and the Robert Benjamin Wiley Community Charter School.

Police said they are investigating and are in contact with officials for the involved schools.

As of 11:40 p.m. Sunday, Robert Benjamin Wiley school sent out an official notice that school is cancelled for Monday November 4,  "due to terroristic threats."  

Erie News Now has learned Erie Rise Leadership Academy Charter School has also cancelled classes for Monday, as the investigation into these threats continue, according principal Veronica Will.

Erica Erwin, Coordinator of Public Relations and Strategic Communication for Erie's Public Schools said the district used their "one call" system to notify families that the district is aware of the social media posts and that the Erie Police Department is investigating.

In the message, the district informed families that school will remain in session Monday, with increased law enforcement presence as a precaution. It later announced early Monday morning Superintendent Brian Polito has designated Monday as a parental discretion day for Erie High School only.

However, Erwin confirmed that Strong Vincent and East Middle School students were already scheduled to be off on Monday. 

According to the district calendar, Monday is an Act 80 Teacher In-Service Day, with non-attendance for Diehl, Edison, East, Strong Vincent and Wilson. 

Tuesday is a non-attendance day district-wide.