The pair associated with a gang was sentenced Monday after both admitted to federal charges related to the sale of crack cocaine.

Ravone R. Deberry, 26, was sentenced to six years, 8 months in jail after pleading guilty to two counts for violating federal drug and firearm laws.

Members of the FBI’s Erie Area Gang Law Enforcement (EAGLE) intercepted phone communications between members of the 1800 gang and others that revealed Deberry selling crack cocaine in the Erie area, according to information presented to the court.

Deberry pleaded guilty to conspiring with his co-defendants to distribute the crack cocaine.

In another case, the court said Deberry possessed a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun while being a convicted felon. He allegedly used the gun to shoot at rival gang members. The shooting incident was captured while Deberry’s communications were intercepted, according to investigators.

Chardonna L. Goudy, 24, was sentenced to time served plus 12 months home detention after pleading guilty to one count for violating federal drug laws.

Investigators who intercepted communications between the 1800 gang and other revealed Goudy was using a cell phone in commission of a drug conspiracy, according to information presented to the court.