A longtime park has a new name in Jamestown, New York.  
Earlier this year, city officials petitioned to re-name Chadakoin Park in honor of three civic leaders: Isabelle Jackson, Lula Taylor and Vivian Taylor. On Monday, family members, along with city officials, unveiled a new sign dedicating the now, Jackson-Taylor Park.

Family member Michael Chackelfordpena-Taylor says, "The three of them were very close. " He went on to say, "They worked on a lot of the same committees, they worked hard for a lot of the same causes. Our families were very intertwined as well. It is just a fitting and awesome tribute to them."

Both Lula and Vivian Taylor served in various levels of local government, while Jackson was a longtime Jamestown Community College faculty member and civic leader. Other signs will be installed in the spring detailing the legacy left behind.