Officials from several state agencies joined forces Monday to reinforce school safety laws.

PennDOT and Pennsylvania State Police joined other agencies to talk about Operation Safe Stop, an annual school bus enforcement initiative held Oct. 23.

Law enforcement agencies reported 288 violations of the school bus driving laws on that day alone.

The School Bus Stopping law requires drivers to stop at least 10 feet from a bus with its red lights flashing.

A new law passed in October allows school bus drivers to record violators in the act.

PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards said school bus safety is an issue that affects everyone.

"The tragic fact is that all too many drivers ignore the warning lights on school buses and try to pass them putting our children in jeopardy," said Richards. "This is not acceptable."

The penalty for breaking this law is a $250 fine plus a $35 surcharge and five points on your driving record.