After Tuesday's election, all attention will turn to the 2020 Presidential Primary.

We checked back in with Lynne Ryan, a 2016 delegate from western PA who showed her support for Trump in a huge way last time around.

Who she was for certainly wasn't in doubt when Ryan, with help from her son, decided to paint "TRUMP" in huge letters on a field that is part of the Ryan family's 1,200 acres of farm property in Lawrence County.

It was so big, you could five five mini-vans in the stem of the letter "T" alone, you could see it from several highways and even from the air.

The sign caught the attention of the New York Times as reporters tried to count who PA delegates were backing.  They wrote a front page story about it.  The article got Donald Trump's attention.  He signed, framed and sent it to Ryan.

Four years later, Ryan is still for Trump, in fact she says her support has grown stronger.  "Well he’s kept his word to the voters, he’s kept all of his promises, or most of them, he’s tried," Ryan said. "He’s getting so much blow back from the establishment in Washington which reiterates why so many Americans in the flyover states wanted him, because he’s in there representing us, fighting for the things we elected him for."

The topsoil business Lynn runs along with her husband is booming, and they're expanding into sand and gravel, investing in new equipment, something she says they wouldn't have been able to do without Trump's economic policies.

She believes Lawrence County, which had 3,000 more Trump votes than registered Republicans in 2016 will see cross over support again.  "A lot of people will come up to me, and say oh I love what you're doing, I love your support for the President, I just can't be as vocal about it, keep up the good work."