The township supervisor race in Harborcreek brought out a lot of voters Tuesday.

And, a retired state trooper and school resource officer, will take on the new role as Harborcreek township supervisor.

Republican Steve Oler won the seat with 51.5% of the votes, to Democrat Lynda Meyer’s 48.5%.

Oler received 2,423 votes, Meyer 2,282, “I'm feeling ecstatic, we're all very excited, it's been a long journey and it worked out our way, so we're very, very happy with the results,” said Oler.

Family, friends and supporters gathered with Oler to watch the results come in at the Erie Brewing Company in Harborcreek.

Oler says he excited to take on his new role come January, and will hit the ground running to improve Harborcreek Township, “We're going to work to bring growth to Harborcreek Township, especially Buffalo Road, we have the Knowledge Park area, and our exits on I-90, we need to bring that growth to our tax base, we need to keep our taxes low,” said Oler. “The other thing we've got to be concerned about is our police department, if the governor and the legislature ever does go through with that tax, we're going to have to take a look at a regional police force if it gets to that point, and of course maintaining our roads and making sure they're properly paved and maintained,” Oler continued.