The race for sheriff was the race that attracted nearly all the attention in Crawford County.  It was the race that brought nearly a 40% voter turnout. I


t was the race that had people stand in line for at least 45 minutes at some precincts.

In the end, it was Dave Powers that defeating Neil Fratus by a vote of 10,079 to 9, 041.  Both men ran for in the Republican primary with Powers winning by about 100 votes.  Both also launched write-in campaigns in the Democratic primary with Fratus winning by about 170 votes.

Both worked as deputy sheriffs and wanted to succeed Sheriff Walter Hoke, who is retiring. To add to the drama of the race, Hoke endorsed Powers and Fratus resigned as Chief Deputy claiming political bias in the Sheriff's Department.  Both camps had ill will against the other.

Now that the race is over, Powers says it's a time for all parties to heal.