The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is rolling into town this morning and this visit has a special meaning for one local woman. 

Erie News Now caught up with Erie resident Julie Rahner Hersch who was one of the first people to drive the wienermobile back in 1988.

Oscar Mayer came to her college when she was a senior at Penn State and that's when Hersch got the job.

Hersch tells Erie News Now she drove around the North East and South East for an entire year in the wienermobile.

She shared some highlights from her past experience, she was the first to get pulled over for speeding.

"The police pulled me over and said, your hot dog was going 85 mph," says Hersch. "I got a ticket."

Another memory moment was tailgating for the Pitt, Penn State game.

"That was a lot of fun, for anyone that was there," says Hersch. " You remember that day quite well."

32 years later Hersch still remembers those days as one of the best.

"It's just fun, people are always happy when they see the wiener mobile," says Hersch. "There's not a sad person at all."