A second juvenile has been charged in connection to school threats made on Snapchat, according to Erie Police Wednesday morning.

The suspect, who has been identified as a 13-year-old Perseus House Charter School student, will be charged with a juvenile count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Investigators said the student identified himself as "skoolshooter814" on Snapchat.

It comes after a 15-year-old student from Strong Vincent Middle School was charged Monday for the threats that forced a couple of schools to close their doors, according to police.

The suspect faces two juvenile counts of felony terroristic threats and one count of misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

The juvenile was brought to the police station by his mother for an interview, where he admitted to posting the message under the fake account name on Snapchat, according to police.

No bombs or guns were available to the suspect, and there is no credible evidence that any steps were taken toward any assault, police said.

Erie Police received information about the threat directed at Erie High School and Strong Vincent Middle School from the public Sunday evening.

The message, which said the person had bombs and guns, came from an individual using the name "School Shooter" on Snapchat, according to investigators.

Erie Police and Erie School District Police worked with the FBI to gather information and conduct an investigation.

Police  are issuing a reminder that anyone who makes threatening posts will face criminal charges.