Erie County's Democratic and Republican chairs will waste no time turning their attention to 2020.

They talked with Erie News Now Lisa Adams about how the impeachment process may impact the primary election in the presidential race.

Republican chairman Verel Salmon called it noise and said voters should focus on the good economy and big declines in unemployment for Hispanics and African Americans.

"We should be celebrating having the lowest unemployment figures in our nation's history," said Salmon. "There's all of these things, and they're all covered up by this mountain of noise."

Democratic chairman Jim Wertz said the process is a Congressional obligation, but however Trump emerges, the Democrats have their work cut out to agree on a nominee.

"I do think that this fight will continue, probably past Super Tuesday in March," said Wertz. "Pennsylvania will likely play a role."

Wertz said Congress has an obligation to protect the constitution and see the impeachment process through to a vote.

Salmon said he believes Trump will survive that process, and his party is behind him.