Some non-profit organizations will no longer receive funding from a United Way of Erie County grant program in mid-2020.

Community Shelter Services told Erie News Now Thursday it will lose its Emergency Needs grants at the end of June.

We're told the grant accounts for a "significant amount" of the organization's funding, and other non-profits who receive the same grant will be impacted as well.

A letter sent to Community Shelter Services said the decision is not a result of the organization's quality of work but instead part of a need to change strategy.

The United Way told Erie News Now it is changing its focus to be preventative instead of reactive. It plans to release more details Friday but issued the following statement:

“We know there are certain ways looking at other communities to make conditions better, so that no longer do we count ourselves as success, meaning no longer do we need to count how many need help as opposed to how many people no longer need help,” said Bill Jackson, president of the United Way of Erie County.

Community Shelter Services is Erie county's largest homeless shelter. It serves more than 2,000 clients each year by providing temporary, transitional and permanent shelter, as well as support services, referrals and advocacy.