The official count is underway today following Tuesday's general election.

In Erie County, the focus is on the race for Erie County Controller.

Democrat Kyle Foust held a lead of just over 50 votes in the race against Republican incumbent Mary Schaaf.

Today. election workers are busy comparing vote totals recorded on Tuesday night, with numbers recorded in each machine.

Workers are also busy counting absentee and provisional ballots.

Schaaf is following the process, and she's joined by Republican and Democratic party officials.

The official vote count is expected to be done later this afternoon.

But if Foust is still in the lead, Schaaf says she won't concede until there is a recount.

Schaaf said, "I am definitely going to ask for a recount. From everything I have learned yesterday and today I have not been provided with sufficient data, and I am looking for more data."

Foust was not watching today's count.

He has said he is confident his lead will hold up.