Erie News Now reached out to PennDOT and local Streets Departments to see if area snowplows were ready for the area's first snow accumulation of the season.

PennDOT had drivers taking maneuverability tests with the plows on Thursday and sent drivers out on routes to flag hazards on the roads that might get covered by the snow. Hazards include new guard rails and fire hydrants.

The City of Corry's Streets Department said they have five snowplows, four of which are equipped with salt distributors. The city also has a few pickup trucks equipped with plows and drivers on standby for when major snow falls.

Corry has 1,400 tons of sand on standby to mix with their salt and brine mixture to help add traction to the snowy roads and to keep the salt from blowing off.

Union City also had drivers on standby and their plows ready. The city has two snowplows and both are equipped with salt dispensers, as well as a few pickup trucks equipped with plows.