The election held this past Tuesday could bring some changes to the Borough of Albion once again.

Voters rejected two incumbent council members who recently disbanded the town police department.  Another incumbent lost in the spring primary.

Meanwhile, voters elected three people to Albion Council who campaigned on a pro-police platform.  Steph Kramer is one of the three. She was the most vocal of all the citizens who tried to urge council to keep the police department.   Those citizens filled the meeting hall when council voted to disband the 2-man police force and turn over all patrol duties to the state police. 

Council said the $200,000 dollars spent annually on the police budget should be used on other things such as highway, sidewalk, and sewer repairs.

The 5-2 vote to disband the department was in September.  The current council has already sold the police cruisers, and padlocked the doors to police headquarters.  Council is now working on a 2020 municipal budget that will not include any money for police.

But, Kramer and the other new members say they will be looking into resurrecting the police department once they are sworn-in.

"We can start fresh.  But, we've got to look at the budget and see where the budget leaves us.  If there's actually finances for the police department which I believe there are.  But, until they pass the budget and we get our hands on it, we don't really know anything,” she said.


Newly elected members have not been invited to participate in any of the budget discussions held by the current council.  Council President Sam Steff told Erie News Now that if next year's council wants a police department they can make adjustments to the budget once the members are officially seated in January.