"Upon notification from the Courthouse tonight at 8:00 pm, I have been elected as the next Erie County Controller."

The final results will be certified by the Board of Elections next Tuesday. 

"All ballots cast on Tuesday have been scrutinized twice. All ballots not tabulated on Tuesday night have been counted under the watchful eye of the Election Office staff and both parties. There was no effective change to the results from Election Night."

"A recount will only repeat the procedures today, and it will only serve to prolong the inevitable. A recount will waste taxpayers money in a futile exercise to change the outcome that some are dissatisfied with. It's time to accept the results of Tuesday night that were confirmed today and move on. The voters of Erie County have made their decision"

After Tuesday's Election, Kyle Foust had a 52 vote lead over incumbent Mary Schaaf. 

Workers spent Friday comparing the vote totals in each precinct to the totals recorded in the software of each machine. Provisional and absentee votes were also checked. 

Mary Schaaf told Erie News Now on Friday, "I'm definitely going to ask for a recount. From everything I have learned today, I have not been provided with sufficient data and I'm looking for more data"

Here are the unofficial results from Erie County Clerk, Douglas R. Smith. 

The margin in the County Controller's race increased to 53 votes between Dr.Kyle Foust and incumbent Controller Mary Schaaf. 



47 hand counted absentee ballots produced 24 more votes for Schaaf and 21 more votes for Foust. (2 voted for neither)

11 Provisional Ballots produced 7 fo


r Foust, 4 for Schaaf.