LECOM hosted its annual student scholarship gala Saturday night, helping students afford medical, dental and pharmacy school.

Gift packages and sports memorabilia were on the auction block, and former Buffalo Bills running back Thurman Thomas, Sabres alumnus René Robert and former Steelers wide receiver Louis Lipps were among the celebrity guests.
            Even a 2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse was up for grabs in the bidding.
             Each year, the scholarship fund distributes more than $4 million to deserving LECOM students

“The students who come to pharmacy to medicine to dental school tuition is pricey, although our tuition is deliberately set very low,” said LECOM Director of Affairs Msgr. David Rubino. “They end up graduating with a lot debt, which is sometimes hard to manage. We hope with this scholarship we can help subsidize some of their debt as they go through school."

Since 1994 LECOM has awarded more than $37 million in scholarships, $20 million of it in the last five years.