Splash Lagoon was quiet Sunday, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t busy.

Instead, the water park turned off its music and noisy attractions for a special sensory friendly day.

The Autism Society of Northwest Pennsylvania put the day together and brought nearly 300 people to the park.

And even though it might seem like an event geared toward kids, organizers emphasize that people of all ages enjoy a chance to have fun at a water park, without loud noises and flashing lights.

“If you are a 3-year-old diagnosed with autism, you’re going to be a 30-year-old with autism," said Tish Bartlett, executive director of the Autism Society of Northwest Pennsylvania. "So we try to make our events very diverse to meet those different age groups, because the autism society welcomes you no matter your age, no matter what’s going on, you’re welcome to come and join us and have a great time.”

Other groups joined in on the fun.

Members of the Epilepsy Project and the ARC of Erie County came along for the day.