Joe Rayburg is a World War II veteran who just turned 100-years-old, the day before Veterans Day. Today he celebrated his big day alongside his family at the Erie Yacht Club. We’re all wondering what is Joe’s secret to life longevity, so we asked him.

"Do what you're supposed to do just keep out of trouble,” said Joe Rayburg.

Joe Rayburg has three children, one being his daughter Jane Manross. As a child Jane says she loved listening to her dad’s adventures, especially his war stories.

"He was a bomber pilot in World War II over North Africa he was shot down actually in Italy and was rescued by some Italian children and brought back to safety and so that's probably the favorite story that we have. To hear he survived that and came home to his family,” said Jane Manross.


We asked Joe if he had any big birthday plans now that he is 100. He replied, “No just going to let the days go by,” said Joe Rayburg.