It's a new era for Erie's only comedy club. The new owners of Jr’s Last Laugh in downtown Erie, are ready to start a new season of comedy, with even bigger plans for the future.

Erie News Now got an exclusive sneak peek at what's ahead.

For 30 years, world-renowned magician, Bobby Borgia, from Erie, has been thrilling audiences with his magic and skills of illusion.

Now, he and Kristi Lewonas are taking on a new role, as owners of Jr’s Last Laugh Comedy Club.

They just bought it from Dave Litz Jr., who started the business and brought comedy to Erie for 22 years.

Borgia says it’s all serendipitous, “Junior impacted my life, my career. He showed up in my parent’s house when I was 14-years-old and he had all these illusions, this guillotine illusion… that I saw when I was in 7th grade he (Jr) did it on stage at Academy, and he showed up at my parent’s driveway and he gave me all these illusions, and then I never saw him again. But that’s what motivated me to keep growing, and here I am now, taking over the damn club! It's like wow what a weird world.”

Lewonas and Borgia have created a really cool, brand new comedy series for this season.
*The Cruise Ship Series; featuring top comedians from all the major cruise lines.
*Comedy & Magic Series; featuring the best comedy magicians from Hollywood.
*America’s Got Talent Series; featuring comedians from the hit NBC show.
*Jr’s Original Series; featuring some of the best comedy from famous comedians who have previously performed at Jr’s Last Laugh, “We're going to run it just as Junior did, we're going to add some things, make it a little bit more exciting, some specialty drinks, specialty acts, add a little magic maybe,” said Lewonas.

When the new season of comedy begins on December 12th, physically, things are going to remain the same.

After the comedy season wraps up in May, they will close the doors and the major renovation will begin.

All summer of 2020, contractors will come in, to completely transform Jr’s Last Laugh.

There will be a whole new look, including special effect work, and it’s so secret, the contractors had to sign non-disclosure agreements.

When Jr’s opens again next season, Borgia promises the city will be pleasantly surprised, “It's like a magic trick, I want to save it and reveal it in the proper way, so the entire city is going to be able to enjoy what this will become, and it will impact Erie, and the history of Erie, in a very favorable light.”

Borgia has made a lot of famous friends living in Los Angeles for 25 years, performing in 70 countries, and on cruise lines for decades.

Currently, he’s working with Carnival Cruise Line, as they build the largest cruise ship in the world. Borgia is head of the creative development team, tasked with designing and creating compelling magic shows, which will wow audiences on the seas.

But, as he takes on that endeavor, he and Lewonas are doubly excited for their new venture right here in Erie, “I love this city, I wanted to do something that will impact the city, so get ready, be prepared, because the magic is about to be revealed,” said Borgia.

The comedy series opens December 12th with stand-up comedian, Happy Cole taking the Jr’s stage.

Then, the community is welcome to attend Breakfast with Santa on December 14th from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. You can meet Santa and get a magical Christmas gift. This event is open to the public and you're asked to bring a new, unwrapped toy to donate to the Saint Martin's Center in Erie.

To purchase your tickets now, and to check out the big acts hitting the stage this new season, visit Jr's Last Laugh Website.