The investigation continues into an animal cruelty case in Warren County.   39 dogs were rescued over the weekend from a residence in Pittsfield Township.

The Paws Along the River Warren County Humane Society received numerous complaints about the health and living conditions of the dogs.

On Friday, staff members sprang into action.      The staff members and a group of volunteers arrived at the residence with two U-Haul trucks.  One by one they carried the rescued animals off the premises and loaded them into the waiting vehicles.

According to Humane Society Executive Director Karen Kolos, the dogs  were found without proper shelter, in need of veterinary care, and living in unsanitary conditions. One puppy was immediately take to the vet for treatment.

Charges have yet to be filed but investigators are expected to present their case to a district judge very soon.  Meanwhile, all 39 dogs are at the humane society shelter.  The facility is overloaded and needs some help.


"We have a wish list on our web site  Laundry soap, dish soap, monetary donations to help with veterinary care, and supplies would be very greatly appreciated,” says Kolos.


The dogs' owner contacted Erie News Now saying that the humane society had ordered him to provide proper shelter for the animals. He felt he was doing a good job following that order.  He says he was surprised the rescue took place before he could finish his work.