The city of Erie has two brand new high tech plow trucks out on the road.

The new single axle Mack Trucks just arrived at the city garage on Monday, with communications systems installed and ready to plow.

The trucks have plows on the front, plus the big wing plows on the side--and here's the key, they are completely computerized.

That means they are data driven on how much salt or salt brine to dispense, with plow operators able to make adjustments as they go, and the garage able to print out that data back at the garage.

While Streets Bureau Chief Steve Sornberger said he wishes he could update more trucks in the fleet, he's excited about what the two new ones can do.  "With these they’re all computerized it tells how many pounds of salt they put down per lane mile, our drivers have the ability to adjust them to be able to turn it down when they don’t need as much salt on the streets and not put as much salt down."  He added that the wing plow also has the potential for salt savings. "With the wing on there, it clears the snow away and we can put less salt down because everything is cleared out of the way."

The new trucks will be used in the outlying area of the city, especially south of 38th Street, where parked cars are not as much of an issue as they are in the inner city.  For those areas Sornberger says residents should observe odd/even parking rules where posted and be considerate of plow drivers.  "If you see that you’ve got a lot of snow and you’ve got a driveway---if you park in the driveway it would help immensely, and if you do have to park on the street, if there’s another car on the other side try to not park right across from it so we do have room to get through."