The battle over air quality at Erie Coke has expanded to include a fight over the plant's wastewater.

This time, it's the City of Erie, not the state, fighting the company.

The city has issued a cease and desist order requiring Erie Coke to comply with wastewater treatment rules by Dec. 15.

If not, the city says it will ban the company from sending its wastewater to the plant.

The company would have to truck its wastewater to another location.

The City of Erie worries if it fails to take action, federal authorities could crack down on the city.

"If they are out of compliance, our wastewater treatment plant could be out of compliance," said Joe Schember, City of Erie Mayor. "It could get shut down by the federal government. Obviously, we don't want that to happen and have to truck water to another wastewater treatment plant."

In a statement, Erie Coke's Ed Nesselbeck said, "The system’s performance is making continual improvements, and we’re optimistic that we will be in compliance very soon."