The 2020 presidential election is more than 11 months away, but political candidates and political action groups are already targeting the Erie television market.

This includes former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg who filed papers to enter the race only yesterday.  Bloomberg has not publicly announced his candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president, but he's already buying television ads in markets he believes are important.   Erie is one of those markets.


Bloomberg is spending $23 million dollars on his first round of political advertisements which his campaign purchased today.  According to CNBC, Bloomberg is targeting his ads in television markets in states such as Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, and California.  Lilly Broadcasting received an order from Bloomberg's representatives today.  The ads will broadcast beginning on Monday.

In its report, CNBC used data from Advertising Analytics, a firm that tracks advertising ads for the 2020 election. The firm believes Bloomberg will soon be spending even more money and expanding the television markets to around 100.

Pam Forsyth, Lilly Broadcasting General Manager, has been talking a lot with political sales representatives lately.  Those representatives are based in Washington, Harrisburg, and New York. She says they have been talking about the cities Bloomberg wants to win over.


"I'm thinking it's probably in the 95 to 100 top cities.  But, the fact that Erie, Pennsylvania is one of those considered top cities speaks volumes for the impact that we have on the presidential election,” Forsyth said.


Erie County has heavily leaned Democratic during presidential elections, except for 2016 when it went for Donald Trump.  That's why both parties are targeting Erie County in 2020 and they are targeting it early.