Some North East residents are spending their Thanksgiving holiday dealing with heavy flooding.

Wednesday night's wind caused huge waves and widespread flooding in an area that is already trying to recover from a storm nearly a month ago on Halloween.

16-18 foot waves crashed through their yards, destroying their property.

Many woke up to flooded front yards. Some even used canoes to get around.

They said the problem is 16 Mile Creek, which used to empty into Lake Erie, but has now taken over their land.

"16 Miles is now not where it normally is," said Jay McConaughy, a homeowner who experienced flooding. "It's now flowing through our property and cutting into our property. We've probably lost 6 to 8 - maybe 10 feet - since the Halloween storm. Now, that creek is just making it worse."

Strong winds destroyed the concrete breakwalls meant to stop waves from hitting houses near the water.

Crews were rebuilding the walls as recently as two days ago.